Book Recommendation – A Surprise Wedding for the Cowboy by Valerie Comer

Book Description:

She’s never done a spontaneous thing in her life. Neither has he. But a marriage-of-convenience seems like a good idea to this embattled woman and grieving sudden dad in this Montana Ranches Christian Romance.

Everything hit all at once. Tate Sullivan became the guardian of his young nephew after his brother’s death, and now Grandfather has bought a failing guest ranch in Montana. Tate’s used to handling Fortune 5000 companies, but moving halfway across the country and learning an entirely new, rural business is a challenge, especially with a toddler in tow.

Nice girls finish last… or that’s what it seems like to Stephanie Simpson when her ex-boyfriend, a pastor, proposes to a former bad girl. It’s not that Stephanie wants her ex to rethink his life choices, but would it be so wrong to move on as quickly as he has? A quick wedding to that cute but faltering cowboy with the adorable toddler might get her what she wants. After all, it’s clear Tate needs a helping hand.

He’s a Christian, just like she is. What could possibly go wrong?

About the Sweet River Ranch Romance series:

Walter Sullivan is frustrated with the soft lives his entitled sons and grandsons lead. Yes, it’s because he’s given them an education and money, but now he’s just frustrated with the namby-pamby city kids. Working together to revive a failing guest ranch in Montana will give those young men a chance to prove their worth. And if they settle into the cowboy life and find romance in the bargain, it will be well worth the risk.

Narelle’s Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading A Surprise Wedding for the Cowboy, the first book in Valerie Comer’s Sweet River Ranch Romance series set in Montana. I read it quickly, within twenty-four hours, because I couldn’t stop turning the page. This fast reading pace isn’t unusual when I read Valerie’s books because she consistently delivers contemporary Christian romance (CCR) books that I love to read.

I was intrigued by Stephanie and Tate’s unique meet cute. Stephanie is struggling with unrealistic and unfair parental expectations. Her parents are disappointed that the youth pastor they’d chosen for Stephanie is now marrying one of her friends. Stephanie is dreading being single at the wedding, She’s ready to take a risk to find love, but her out-of-town dating plans go awry when she meets Tate and his adorable toddler nephew, Jamie.

Tate’s wealthy grandfather from Chicago has purchased a guest ranch near Jewel Lake. He has summoned his adult grandchildren to work in Montana and fix the ranch. Tate has been working remotely in Gilead, Kansas, where his mom was caring for his orphaned nephew. Tate’s now juggling single parenting and a demanding career in the family business that’s inconveniently relocating him and Jamie to Montana for a few months.

Stephanie and Jamie bond quickly, which draws Stephanie into Tate’s world and the family business that’s different to her small town life as a teller in her dad’s Jewel Lake bank. A fun romance, including their surprise wedding, plays out in the story. Tate and Stephanie are challenged to evaluate their priorities and consider how their faith impacts their decision making.

I loved the cameo appearances by characters I’ve met in other books and series by Valerie. Stephanie was in Amethyst Attraction (Pot of Gold Geocaching Romance series) and Tate was in Her Unlikely Hero (Easter in Gilead series). The story can be read and enjoyed as a standalone first book in a new series. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series, Jilted Bride for the Cowboy. I recommend A Surprise Wedding for the Cowboy to contemporary romance readers who like small town ranch stories with a fun twist on the marriage of convenience trope and a strong faith element in the story.

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