Book Recommendation – One Perfect Spring by Irene Hannon

Book Description:

Who could guess that a little girl’s simple, heartfelt letter would touch so many lives—or reap so many blessings?

Eleven-year-old Haley Summers is determined to give her ailing neighbor the sixtieth birthday present she most wants—a reunion with the child she gave up for adoption more than two decades ago. And she figures a local business executive with philanthropic leanings is just the man to help her make that happen.

But Haley’s mother, Claire, isn’t eager to cooperate with her daughter’s scheme—nor with Keith Watson, the executive assistant who’s been handed the project. She’s too busy trying to make lemonade out of the lemons life has handed her.

Keith isn’t thrilled with the assignment, either. It stirs up too many demons from his own past and distracts him from his all-important job.

Yet as he tackles the project, and as his life intertwines with Claire’s, Haley’s kindhearted request begins to have a ripple effect that brings hope and love to countless lives—including his own.

In this Booksellers’ Best Award finalist, Irene Hannon demonstrates how life is like lilacs—the biggest blooms come only after the harshest winters.

Narelle’s Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading One Perfect Spring, set in St. Louis, Missouri. Claire is a single mother who bought an older home in a good neighborhood that needs a lot of work. She teaches second grade at school, and has grown close to Maureen, her next door neighbor. Claire supported Maureen through her recent cancer treatment, and she is mortified when her eleven year old daughter, Haley, sends a letter to a charitable fund owned by a construction company business executive asking for help in finding the son Maureen adopted out as a newborn over twenty years ago.

Keith is in his early thirties, ambitious, and a workaholic like his boss. He’s given the job, as David’s executive assistant, to work through all the charitable fund donation applications. Keith is stunned when David sees Haley’s letter, and asks Keith to contact Haley’s parents to learn more about the story behind her letter.

I loved how the story has a main romance connected to a fun romantic subplot. Keith and Claire don’t make a great first impression on each other. A sweet friends-to-more romance develops as Keith helps Claire with her house repairs and gets to know Haley. Claire was burned by her now deceased ex-husband, and she’s slow to trust. Keith has feelings for Claire, but he has a mystery in his past that’s emotionally holding him back.

When David, a widower, meets Maureen at her office in the Christian college, he’s surprised to discover he’s drawn to the elegant art history professor who’s searching for her son. A lovely second chances romance unfolds as they get to know each other and overcome obstacles in the story.

I did feel emotional and a bit teary toward the end as events in the story pulled on my heartstrings. I empathised with the characters and loved the satisfying ending. The spring theme in the story was woven in as the characters left behind the darkness of winter and embraced the new opportunities in spring. I recommend One Perfect Spring to readers who like engaging contemporary romances that sensitively deal with the issue of adoption and reconciliation with grace and forgiveness themes in the story.

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