Happy Release Day – Her Cowboy Blind Date

I’m excited to share my new book, Her Cowboy Blind Date, is releasing today. The ebook is available from Amazon Kindle and the paperback is coming soon.

Here’s the Book Description:

He’s a small-town guy, a cowboy at heart. She’s a city girl from the other side of the world. Will a blind date lead to a love that lasts a lifetime?

Farm mechanic Sam Williams is on the cusp of realizing his dream of being a rancher after inheriting a share in his family’s Colorado ranch. He’s keen to make plans and leave Gilead in the dust after his friend’s Easter Saturday wedding. First he needs a plus-one for the wedding, to avoid a super awkward encounter with his high-school girlfriend who has just married the best man.

After a devastating public betrayal by her high-profile ex, Bek Montford is hiding out in Kansas. She’s calling herself Becky, licking her wounds and focusing on the things that make her happy. Drawn to the annual passion play at Gilead Bible College where she’s living, she volunteers to work behind the scenes.

Since Becky is only in Gilead until June, a blind date with a suitable plus-one before the wedding seems like the perfect solution for Sam. No strings and no commitment.

But the blind date turns into a not-so-fake relationship when Sam and Becky must work together on the passion play. Can they overcome past emotional wounds and geographical distance to create a future together?

An opposites attract, different worlds, blind date and fake relationship contemporary Christian romance.

Easter in Gilead series:

Book 1 – Her Unlikely Hero by Valerie Comer

Book 2 – Her Billionaire Benefactor by Elizabeth Maddrey

Book 3 – His Runaway Crush by Heather Gray

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