Christian Fiction New Releases: July 2024

Right in Front of You by Jessica Wakefield

Rachel Marshall, a sports nutritionist, will do anything to save her mother’s health. Even travel to the tiny town of Trinity Lakes to bring bad-boy NFL player, Hayden Donovan, back to Texas.

Despite turning over a new leaf, circumstances conspire against Hayden Donovan that sees his bad-boy reputation the center of viral social media outrage. His past won’t let him be the better man he’s determined to be.

When his nutritionist, Rachel, turns up to find him in Trinity Lakes, he sees an opportunity to strike a deal. He’ll help her get the medicine her mother needs if she’ll help him show the world he has truly changed.

Sparks fly between them, but will Rachel let cruel memories and scars from her past stop her from seeing the man behind the image? And will Hayden find the courage to show the world how much he’s truly changed?

A friend-to-more, ex-NFL player, small town contemporary Christian romance. Book thirteen of the Trinity Lakes Romance series (can be read as a standalone). Visit Trinity Lakes and meet the fun and quirky characters who value family, faith, and happily-ever-afters.

Meet Me at the Starlight by Rachel Hauck

1987. Supermodel Harlow Hayes seeks solace in a quaint Florida beach town to heal from a heartbreak that shattered her entire world. To her surprise, she encounters Matt Knight–a Hollywood A-lister with a bad-boy reputation–who has returned to his hometown to help his plucky grandmother, Tuesday, save her century-old skating rink, the Starlight.

The Starlight holds a special place in the hearts of the community, once acting as a refuge for Depression-era families and bringing the town together with gatherings and celebrations. Tuesday’s determination even protected her beloved rink from her husband’s shady business dealings. Yet when the Starlight is threatened with demolition, Tuesday begins to wonder if an era has come to an end.

As Matt and Harlow strategize to save the rink, they find themselves on a journey of surprises, self-discovery, and the kind of healing that leads to love.

Sky High by Meredith Resce

A mid-air crisis. Federal police. Meeting the man of her dreams?

This is Mia Kennedy’s first international trip traveling alone, and her curiosity meant she almost missed boarding.

Embarrassed to have the loaded plane watch her find her seat, she hopes that nothing else will go wrong. But then she is seated next to a man who quickly proves to be an aggressive drunk. What starts out as an annoying situation quickly escalates into a mid-air incident—and Mia is right in the middle of it.

Lachie Fletcher is returning from LA to Adelaide, South Australia, after five years away. He’s hoping for a quiet flight, but becomes increasingly concerned for the young woman seated across the aisle as her traveling companion is not only drunk and belligerent, but becoming a danger to those around. When the cabin crew are forced to take action, they ask Lachie to assist in restraining the man.

Wrong place, wrong time?

Mia Kennedy appears to be overwhelmed by the incident, and more so when both she and Lachie are asked to remain aboard to be interviewed by the Australian Federal Police.
One incident leads to another where Lachie and Mia are thrown together in a circus of mis-happenings, supporting each other to finally reach their common destination.

When the pair are met at the airport by the famous Luella Linley—known for her matchmaking interventions—it could be a sign that they might not part company for good. Or is the mid-air crisis simply a matter of coincidence.

This light-hearted romance visits with some of the favorite characters from the Trinity Lakes Romance series, and the Luella Linley – License to Meddle series.

Seaside Cowboy’s Christmas Wish by Alexa Verde

A nurse, a cowboy, and a secret that could get them both killed by Christmas!

Diana Medina isn’t looking for love but for her missing friend who disappeared weeks before Christmas. The search leads her several states away to a small coastal town and a beautiful ranch. When one of the ranch owners, Laredo Lawrence, gets injured, she moves to the ranch to help him. After all, she was the one who caused his injury—by accident.

But because a dangerous secret lurks between them, she stifles her growing attraction to the charming cowboy who literally serenades her. Then more accidents start happening around her.… Is it possible someone will do anything to keep this secret hidden?

Welcome to Port Sunshine, a small coastal town where a family of cowboy brothers discover the treasures of love and uncover the mysteries of their pasts!

Home Town Melody by Milla Holt

Everything is at stake when a Christian recording artist learns he fathered a child during a one-night stand.

It was just one lapse in self-control, one poor decision, one night when he was in a dark place.

Since then, Levi Falconer has done his best to move past that almost-forgotten illicit encounter. No one knows what he did, and he and his brothers are bringing their contemporary Christian music band back together for a long-awaited reunion album. But he’s about to learn that his night of forbidden passion resulted in a little boy.

Highschool dropout Adria Baines got her real education from the school of hard knocks. After aging out of foster care, she’s no stranger to struggles. She planned on making her own way, even after a surprise pregnancy. But when she runs out of options, she realizes she’ll have to do the one thing she swore she’d never do: get help from the father of her child.

Levi and Adria never should have met. But their lives are on a collision course once again as they learn how God can transpose the broken chords of their mistakes into a beautiful melody.

Renee by Sandra Ardoin

One cookbook connects them all…
Renee ~ Book Seven in a string of heartfelt inspirational stories, featuring different women throughout the decades from 1920 to 2020.

Renee Burnette, a widow living in the North Carolina mountains, has longed for two things she never had growing up—a permanent home and a lasting friendship like the one she has with Val from her cooking club. In the summer of 1986, the local apple growers sponsor a bake-off with a monetary prize that would bring Renee closer to her housing goal. But after Renee and Val each enter, their relationship goes from best friends to bitter rivals.

When Renee learns of the opportunity for a promotion at work, she’s determined to prove her qualifications to her handsome, single boss. The closer they draw to one another, though, the more Renee fears that an office romance will jeopardize her job and her housing dream.

Major Fireworks by B.R. Goodwin

She’s denied their tension for years. But he’s finally ready to fight. Will an impulsive bet end in friendship… or fireworks?

Dakota has spent the last three years valiantly, and some would say childishly, convincing himself not to want Sadie Mills. He hates the way she drives him crazy, getting under his skin like a splinter he just can’t remove.

And he especially hates that he doesn’t hate it at all.

After an ill-advised Dominoes Night insult, and some light meddling from his family, Dakota challenges Sadie to a bit of friendly competition. But he quickly discovers how blurry the line between friendliness and more can really be, and that, maybe, he’s ready to jump over that line.

Just Right by A.M. Heath

Meeting just the right guy would have been easy … if she hadn’t dated his older brother first.

Georgia Quinn has two jobs, a decaying house, and a timid roommate. Everything changes when she discovers her roommate’s two brothers secretly staying in her house while she’s at work. If that isn’t bad enough, one brother is her ex-boyfriend and the other is her newest crush. And now they all want to stay with her.

Matthew Bruin finally meets the perfect girl for him … until he learns that she’s his brother’s ex. Stepping aside would be easier if Rex wasn’t asking for his help in winning Georgia back.

With the four of them living under one crumbling roof, there’s plenty that can go wrong, but is there anything that can go just right?

Are you ready for a Goldilocks re-imagined where the bears are crashing her house? Just Right is perfect for those who enjoy faith-filled, light-hearted romances, and it’s short enough to enjoy in one sitting.

Conversation Hearts by Marguerite Martin Gray

Will she be able to save her father from the island’s magic before she falls victim to it herself?

When Megan Standish finds out about her father’s new relationship, she storms into the Suamalie Islands to rescue her father and carry him home to New Mexico. He’s firmly planted on Alexandre, however, but she refuses to let the island’s magic cast a spell on her decision. Even when a handsome islander and his daughter knock at her heart.

Jean Girard is a local with a flourishing transportation business taking passengers from island to island. When he encounters Megan’s stormy tirade on his boat, he promises to shelter his daughter and himself from her negative vibes. His concern continues to grow as he watches his daughter get attached to the American.

Either Jean will have to create an even bigger hedge of protection around his daughter and his heart from this pouty, controlling woman, or he will have to trust God to peel back the stubborn, hurting layers of the past and allow the miracle of His love again.

Take a trip to the Suamalie Islands where palm trees sway, the sand and sea pulse with life, and the people will steal your heart.

Pointe, Shoots, and Scores by Carolyn Miller

Opposites can attract, but can they dance?

For as long as she can remember Bailey Donovan has loved dance, especially ballet. When her dance studio faces the risk of closure, she takes a God-given miracle of a gig training a complete non-dancer for a TV show. Only problem is, he’s a real grump to her sunshine, and for an athlete, seems to be lacking all the moves. Or does he?

Luc Blanchard has sworn off wine, women, and definitely dancing as it sure doesn’t fit his macho image. He loves hockey, God, and his family, with no time for more, until an unexpected promotion sees him forced to swallow his pride for the sake of his team.
Sparks soon fly as these two opposites spend time together, and TV ratings push for their onscreen partnership to make a fake relationship real. But as they discover a certain magic under the spotlight, will issues from the past ever let them truly soar?

Pointe, Shoots, and Scores is the third book in the Northwest Ice Christian hockey romance series, can be read as a standalone, and is perfect for fans of banter-laden romance with hope, heart and humor.

Without a Song by LoRee Peery

Roni Marsden is invited to stay at her friend’ s ranch in in the cleansing hills of Nebraska. Still reeling from her husband’s death and the prospect of raising their daughter alone, she is seeking the next step in her shattered life.

Country gospel songwriter Dawson Bennett returns home to his brother’ s ranch after his production company goes bust. Unable to write new songs, he feels as if he’s lost a piece of himself. When he discovers Roni and her daughter taking shelter at the ranch, his emotions are reawakened. Many years ago, he’d loved Roni, but he’d never acted on it due to his dreams of stardom.

Will Roni and her daughter— and a stray pup that arrives on the scene— become the family he didn’ t realize he needed? Will he again write lyrics that honor God?

Operation: Wayside by Kari Trumbo

Teddy Kincade is a man with one secret. He once cheated on his wife.

That secret becomes serious when, twenty years later, the daughter he never knew about starts sending him letters. He has to know if she truly is his daughter. Because if she is, the trust says she is part owner of Wayside Ranch after he dies.

Gloria told her family she’d married, and her husband died shortly after she became pregnant. Lies like that were never meant to be revealed. When Teddy, the man who was supposed to be dead, shows up on her doorstep, she has to face her lifelong lie.

Worse, she has to face the fact that Teddy’s wife is now dead. The one man she’s ever loved is free to love her in return, if he can get past what she did.

Order this second-chance, secret baby, I’ve always loved you romance, now!

Sure About You by Jaycee Weaver

She’d had her future perfectly planned. Now? She’s not so sure.


Three things I love—quality food, eighties rom coms, and my custom-made planner.

Three things I loathe—internet trolls, traveling, and Walter Paxton.

Anita runs our online news site DFW Daily, and she’s dangling my dream job like the proverbial carrot. Now my weekend getaway to finally meet my online almost-maybe-sort of-boyfriend in LA has become a work trip with the man who irritates me most. So why do I find myself relying on him with every bump in the road (literally and metaphorically)? And why does he smell like a moonlit forest waterfall? Before this trip, my life was all planned out, but now I’m not so sure.


Three things I love—stargazing, coffee, and pushing Isley’s buttons.

There’s no point in talking about dislikes. It’s more fun to take things in stride and enjoy all that life has to offer. Do I want Isley for a babysitter on this trip? Of course not. Though needling her is almost as fun as rescuing her. There’s plenty of both when nothing on this road trip goes according to her perfect plans. I’m in the driver’s seat, but she’s the one driving me crazy. Only I’m not so sure it’s in a bad way.

A shorter version of this book previously appeared in The 80s Rom-Com Club collection with books from Betsy St. Amant, Teresa Tysinger, Mikal Dawn, Bell Renshaw, and Jennifer Rodewald featuring contemporary twists on classic 80s movies. This newly expanded edition has been fully rewritten with significant changes and is about 30% longer than its predecessor. As with all of Jaycee’s books, you can expect plenty of faith-friendly chemistry, banter, and kisses with no spice.

Their Unlikely Protector by Meghann Whistler 

To give two little boys a home…

She must take a chance on forgiveness.

The last person Valerie Williams expects to rescue her and her toddler twin brothers from a fiery blaze is Brett Richardson, her high school nemesis. But with her house burned down, Valerie is forced to stay at the same inn as Brett and work together on the town festival. Now Brett has the chance to make things right, but can Valerie let go of the past to make way for a future together?

A Companion for His Son by Lee Tobin McClain

Protecting his son is his priority.
Is there room for more?

Nate Constantine would do anything to provide for his son with autism—even if that means starting over in small-town Holiday Point. Or abandoning his best-laid plans and asking Freddie’s kindergarten teacher, Olivia Bell, for extra help with Freddie and his service dog, Scooby. She could be just what Freddie and his father need…but only if Olivia and Nate are willing to risk their hearts.

Her Alaskan Family by Heidi McCahan 

One lost little girl…

Could be the key to a permanent family

Recently fired, Savannah Morgan dreads attending her ten-year high school reunion as a failure. But for Levi Carter, Savannah’s return home might solve all his troubles. The newly single dad needs reliable childcare for his temporary foster daughter—and a fake girlfriend at the reunion to deflect any pitying glances after his recent breakup. But as the line between real and pretend begins to blur, will a secret Savannah is keeping ruin their chance at a permanent commitment?

Her Pretend Amish Beau by Patricia Johns 

Falling for each other was never part of the plan.

With four sons and a flower farm, widow Delia Swarey has little time for courtship. But that doesn’t stop her boys from rejecting every potential suitor. And widowed dad Elias Lehman is in the same boat with his daughter. They hope that pretending to court each other will teach their children about opening their hearts. But Delia and Elias could soon learn their own lessons about love…

His Neighbor’s Secret by Lillian Warner 

With a secret between them…

Is there room for a second chance?

When the new schoolteacher turns out to be the woman who once broke his heart, widower Jonah Raymond vows to keep his distance—until Kenzie Reid moves in next door. Now with his troubled foster son and Kenzie’s daughter becoming friends, Jonah hopes they can put the past behind them. But winning Kenzie’s trust is his first challenge…until he discovers her shocking secret.

Risking Her Amish Heart by Jackie Stef 

Can an unexpected friendship…

Turn into a happily-ever-after?

After being jilted, Grace Ebersol moves to Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania, to care for her ailing grandfather—and avoid any future heartache. Good thing the only eligible Amish bachelor nearby is her grandfather’s standoffish employee. But Grace quickly sees that Aaron King’s awkwardness hides a gentle, caring spirit. Can Grace learn to trust again…or will a secret Aaron is keeping destroy her second chance?

Ambush in the Mountains by Mary Alford

Innocent lives at stake…

Can a former soldier and canine save them?

Helping a pregnant woman he comes across in a mountain storm puts Axel Sterling right into the path of ruthless human traffickers. Now it’s up to the ex-soldier and his dog to keep Summer and her unborn baby safe from the abductors she’s finally escaped. But between the icy wilderness and the armed gunmen following them at every turn, one wrong move could cost Axel and Summer their lives.

Deadly Ranch Hideout by Jenna Night

Some secrets aren’t just forgotten…

they’re lethal.

To expose her imprisoned father’s mob associates, Monica Larson races to find the evidence he’s hidden—until a car accident leaves her without her memories. Now she must locate the information with the help of Officer Kris Volker. Determined to keep her safe from relentless attacks, Kris takes Monica to his family’s Montana ranch. But someone is dead set on keeping their secrets buried…and they won’t stop till Monica and Kris are six feet under.

Guarding His Secret Son by Laura Scott 

A baby is in danger…

and protecting him might be deadly.

After discovering that he has a son and that the baby’s mother was murdered, Chief Deputy Garrett Nichols takes infant Micah and midwife Liz Templeton on the run. He vows to protect them as they race to uncover why the baby is a target. But danger lurks around every corner and time is running out. Can they track down the truth…before the killer silences them forever?

Hunted by a Killer by Laurie Winter

Is she the pursuer…

Or the pursued?

When a body was found at the edge of the bayou, police detective Charlotte Reid knew the serial killer who murdered her sister was back. And if she didn’t stop him, he’d kill again. FBI special agent Austin Walsh insisted Charlotte couldn’t do it on her own. But then the murderer gave Charlotte a deadly challenge—catch him, or she’d be his next victim…

Montana Abduction Rescue by Jodie Bailey

Kidnappers out for vengeance…

Can a K-9 team stop them?

Following the death of a crime boss he put behind bars, Ian Carpenter leaves witness protection—and runs right into an ambush. To escape assailants bent on revenge, he turns to his former handler, US marshal Meadow Ames, and her K-9 partner. But the stakes grow higher when Ian’s cousin is abducted. With threats closing in, can they rescue a kidnapped teen…and stop the criminals for good?

Showdown in the Rockies by Kathleen Tailer

A secret cartel operation in the wilderness.

A perilous winter pursuit.

When their helicopter is shot out of the sky after they discover a drug operation, Detective Flynn Denning—along with her nephew and her ex-boyfriend Derek King—is stranded in the unforgiving Colorado mountains. They’ll need to rely on Derek’s military skills to survive the treacherous conditions and the assailants on their trail. But with the cartel dead set on eliminating any witnesses to their operation, this mission might be their last…

Midnight Clear by Jerusha Agen

Her worst fear is another Christmas alone. Until she isn’t alone.

Christmas is supposed to be a happy time. Marion Ainsley is determined this holiday will be everything it’s never been for her. She’s placed gifts under the tree for the dogs in her shelter, Forever Home, and watched every romantic Christmas movie she can find. All she’s missing is a person to love her despite the scars that have driven her into hiding.

Her dream of a real Christmas crumbles when a blizzard moves in, bringing more than snow. She finds a man half-buried on her property. And he’s holding a baby.

The unexpected visitors are being chased by enemies far more frightening. People who will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Will Marion’s mysterious friend, Phoenix Gray, and an undercover police officer be able to keep her safe? Or will this Christmas be her last?

Midnight Clear is an early prequel novella that features Phoenix Gray, the mysterious woman who established the elite Phoenix K-9 Security and Detection Agency. Read more about the Phoenix K-9 Agency women and K-9s in Hidden Danger (Guardians Unleashed, #1). (Each book can stand alone or be read as series installments.)

Remains by Cindy Bonds

Detective Greer Bennett is not happy the feds are crashing her crime scene. But her instincts are telling her there’s more to the story than some whitewashed bones sticking up from an unmarked grave.

Now that Homeland Agent Gage Sullivan has found his sister’s remains, he can prosecute the man responsible. But he’ll have to find a way to play nice with the detective in charge of the case. And she’s not eager to engage.

As they investigate, the body count rises and the clues aren’t giving them the answers they need. If they are to survive, the trust Greer is so unwilling to relent will have to come, or the killer will add two more victims to his count—Greer and Gage.

What We Hide by Colleen Coble & Rick Ackers

Family secrets. Historical wrongs. And the truths that refuse to stay buried.

Savannah Webster is trying to find her way forward. She and her husband, Hez, have been separated since tragedy tore them apart and he began numbing his grief and guilt with alcohol. She returned to Tupelo Grove University, which her family helped found over a century ago, to teach history.

When Hez turns up in her classroom asking for a second chance, she rejects the idea immediately. But twenty-four hours later she’s under suspicion for murder, and since Hez is the best attorney she knows, she reluctantly asks him for help. They suspect the murder is tied to someone selling off the university’s pre-Columbian artifacts, but the secrets go much deeper than they realize.

The only hope they’ve got is each other, and they’re going to have to put their past behind them if they’re going to stay alive long enough to uncover all that’s hidden.

Four Doubt by Luana Ehrlich  

A cybersecurity executive is murdered. Was it a random shooting, or a targeted killing?
It’s up to Silas McKay, chief investigator for Discreet Corporate Security Services, to find out.

When Silas is asked to investigate the murder of Sherwood Fenton, he discovers there are already two suspects.

The widow believes the owner of a rival software company killed her husband . . .
She claims he threatened to get revenge on Sherwood during a heated argument.

The police believe Sherwood’s murder was a gang-related shooting . . .
The homicide detectives are focused on a teenager with a facial tattoo who was seen running from the scene.

Silas believes they’re both wrong . . .
He’s looking at a third suspect, someone who’s been hiding in plain sight.

As Silas works through the investigation, he’s also dealing with his budding romantic relationship with Ashley Davenport, the amusing—sometimes not so amusing—antics of his new puppy, and the ever-present conflicts between the eclectic members of his investigative staff.

When Silas finally identifies the real killer, he learns a second murder is being planned, and as he tries to protect the victim, he confronts the killer in a high-stakes encounter where the outcome is anything but certain.

If you love a gripping, emotion-packed mystery, where characters are grappling with issues of faith and doubt while confronting professional challenges and personal danger, then you’ll love Four Doubt, Book 4 in the Silas McKay Suspense Series.

When Secrets Come Calling by Felicia Ferguson

Past secrets. A second chance. But can the truth really set them free?

When former University of Alabama and Titans wide receiver Dax Carpenter learns his father is accused of a forty-year-old robbery and murder, he turns to the only person he trusts to discover the truth: his ex-girlfriend, Caitlin Fitzhugh.

Caitlin, a cold-case specialist with the Alabama State Division of Investigations, wants nothing to do with the case nor Dax. Not only is the evidence against Dax’s father already condemning, she can’t risk having her heart broken—again.

Caitlin’s boss, however, ignores her arguments, and she begrudgingly takes the consult, convincing herself she can keep the case and her past with Dax separate. But unlike her, longings and memories don’t follow orders. While she lends her skills to the Gulf Shores Police Department in the search for the truth, Dax fends off a possibly career-ending social media hit—leading him to question everything he knows about his father and himself.

Sunset over Swaziland by Shirley Gould

Grant writer Jocelyn Millender travels to Swaziland to get humanitarian aid for the devastated, disease-infested country. When war threatens, all travel is suspended. She’s trapped, scared, and in danger.

Hearing about her life-threatening situation, Austin Bendale, a decorated soldier turned security services specialist, purchases a plane ticket and comes to the rescue. But things aren’t as they seem. Hidden agendas are inciting riots, humanitarian funds are dwindling, and orphans are disappearing.

When you put one determined woman and a never-say-die hero in this life-and-death situation—using her gifts and his brawn—can they ignore the sparks between them, escape the chaos, solve the mystery, apprehend the guilty, and get across the border in time?

Because the sun is setting over Swaziland …

Not Quite Colonel Brandon by Kim Griffin

A missionary, A pendant, Love

While most girls dream of Prince Charming sweeping them away, Megan Taylor’s calling to leave North Carolina and become a missionary came at a young age. After her mother’s cancer and death, those plans turned upside down. When Megan finds herself in London with several men vying for her attention while she finishes writing her late mother’s book on Egyptian antiquities, she soon has more chaos in her life than just the questions of where God wants to send her . . . and if she should date. But her determination and focus while preparing to be a missionary has left no room for romance except in her beloved Jane Austen novels, especially Sense and Sensibility.

After inheriting an antique necklace, Megan gets caught up in mystery, danger, and intrigue. An unlikely partner joins in her search for answers, and she can’t help but wonder if romance waits in her future after all. In the midst of their quest, will she find and recognize her own Colonel Brandon? And can she still fulfill her life’s calling?

Not Quite Colonel Brandon is the second book in the Not Quite Series but can be read as a standalone. It is not a Sense & Sensibility retelling but does touch on the idea that people are not always what they first seem.

Vengeance in Vienna by Sara L. Jameson

A moonlight sail. A sniper on the shore. A terrorist financier determined to kill Jacob and everyone he holds dear.

Interpol Special Agent Jacob Coulter and his fiancée Riley Williams set out on a moonlight sail, but a sniper turns their idyllic Austrian vacation into a deadly nightmare.

On temporary assignment to the Vienna Interpol office, Jacob must apprehend a notorious terrorist financier and uncover his operations in Austria. But the financier is determined to destroy all Jacob holds dear. And that includes his kid sister and his fiancée, Riley Williams.

Opera singer Riley Williams is tired of dodging terrorist attempts on her life. When she insists on helping Jacob catch the financier and his henchmen, she gets into more trouble than she bargained for.

But the financier’s tentacles of evil reach far deeper into the Austrian economy than Jacob and Riley suspected. What they uncover appalls them. The clock is ticking. Can Jacob locate them before it’s too late?

Fury: A Breed Apart Novel by Ronie Kendig, Steffani Webb

Amidst the glittering heat of Abu Dhabi, Hollyn Reinhardt’s world shatters in one tragic night. Once a child prodigy, now a leading AI scientist, she’s left reeling from her parents’ sudden death—and the haunting suspicion that it was no accident. Vulnerable yet defiant, Hollyn must protect her life’s work from unseen enemies.

Enter Davis Ledger: former Green Beret, owner of a keen-nosed military working dog named Fury, and the slightly older man whose rugged charm once captured Hollyn’s young heart. Medically discharged and disillusioned, he’s ready for peace in the US, but walks back into the line of fire when he discovers his friends have been murdered and that their daughter Hollyn—now all grown up—needs his help.

Following an attempt on her life, Hollyn realizes the USB containing her code has been stolen. Code that, in the wrong hands, could kill thousands. But Davis’s sable German shepherd, who has been specially trained to sniff out electronics, is the perfect dog to ensure this doesn’t end in disaster. They have no choice but to join up with a black ops group to protect Hollyn and hunt down the tech.

As they’re pursued by killers, Hollyn struggles to douse her reigniting crush, while Davis finds it harder and harder to deny his feelings and stay mission-focused. With the clock ticking down to an unthinkable catastrophe, Hollyn and Davis face the ultimate test. Can they thwart the threat and reclaim the code, or will their second chance at love end in heartbreak—or worse…disaster?

A masterful blend of breathless suspense and heart-stopping romance, this tale of danger, devotion, and rekindled love will have you at the edge of your seat.

Cold Vengeance by Nancy Mehl

When a renowned crime podcaster vanishes without a trace, former FBI behavioral analysts turned private investigators River Ryland and Tony St. Clair are called upon to track her down. As they wade through the evidence she left behind, they unearth a startling connection–she may have discovered the existence of an unknown killer, and he will stop at nothing to carry out a deadly plan.

As the pair delves deeper, they soon find themselves the targets of a relentless enemy determined to silence them. With their lives–and hearts–on the line, can they confront the evil that threatens them before it consumes them both?

The Women of Wynton’s by Donna Mumma – July 1 – historical mystery

Mid-Century Glam Meets Murder Mayhem
Get swept away to the glamor of a 1950’s department store where four women’s loyalties, vanity, friendship, and detective skills are put to the test.
Audrey Penault once led a glamorous life as a model but now works as devoted secretary to Mr. Wynton. To her fellow employees, she is too vain and uppity.
Mary Jo Johnson, a wife and mother, longs to find her worth in the cosmetics department, but it may take a while for the shy housewife to discover her voice.
Vivian Sheffield owns and runs the bridal salon within Wynton’s. She is proud of her accomplishments and won’t let anyone take them away.
Gigi Woodard dislikes her job as waitress in the store’s lunchroom, but she is determined not to let her secret shortcomings cause her to lose the position.
These four women have much to dislike about each other, but they unanimously agree that Mr. Wynton is the best of employers and must be protected at all costs from someone who seems determined to see him gone for good. When other employee deaths occur, can the women band together to solve the murders, or will they discover it is one of their own bent on destroying Wynton’s from within?

Firestorm by Lisa Phillips, Susan May Warren 


An original series created by bestselling authors Susan May Warren and Lisa Phillips.

He thought his life was over…and then she walked back in.

Charlie Benning has always been a rescuer—first with the Last Chance County Fire and Rescue team, and now as a firefighter with the Jude County Hotshots. But this summer isn’t about saving lives—it’s about hiding his own terrible secret. A secret he’s keeping from his estranged daughter, Alexis.

But fate is about to intervene.

Will their secrets destroy their second chance?

Jayne Price raised her son, Orion, on her own just fine, thank you. And now, she runs Wildlands Academy, a summer camp that teaches kids how to fight forest fires and confront their own teenage angst—kids like Alexis Benning, who clearly has a chip on her shoulder about her semi-estranged, firefighter father.

And Jayne has her own issues, like not wanting her only son to join the elite smokejumping corps. It’s enough that he’s risking his life as a hotshot on the Jude County team.

Then the wildfire turns its force onto the camp and suddenly the hotshots show up to help her fight it. Only problem…the last person she expects is for her former flame, Charlie Benning—the man she can’t forget—to show up working alongside her son.

Rather, his son.

Who he doesn’t know exists.

And then Charlie discovers the secret she’s been keeping, and he’s torn between anger and the long-simmering love that refuses to die. And Jayne isn’t about to let go of the man she loves a second time. But if the blazing wildfire isn’t enough, a dangerous and relentless killer is on the prowl in the woods…

Now, with the camp cut off from the outside world and the fire closing in, it’s a race against time as Charlie, Jayne, Orion, and a team of courageous smokejumpers join forces to protect the campers against a merciless inferno and a murderer. But the biggest threat of all might be Charlie’s devastating secret that could destroy the happy ending they’ve waited for so long.

Prepare for an edge-of-your-seat journey that will leave you breathless until the very last page, in book four of the Chasing Fire: Montana series.

Flashback by Michelle Sass Aleckson, Susan May Warren, Lisa Phillips


An original series created by bestselling authors Susan May Warren and Lisa Phillips.

He’s the last person she wants to see…

Allie Monroe is desperate for a fresh start. Grieving the loss of her first SAR dog, she’s gone to Montana to train her new K9, Scout. And when two boys go missing during a wildfire, she’s brought on board to find them.

But the one person tasked to help her is the last person she wants to see—arrogant and dangerous Dakota Masterson.

It’ll take exactly this man to save everything she loves.

Former SWAT officer Dakota Masterson is a new man after confronting the demons of his past, including his first unfortunate meeting with Allie. But admittedly, she’s the last person he thought he’d see again…or have to work with. Still, maybe this is his chance to prove to her that he’s a different man—because she’s the one woman he can’t seem to forget.

However, with the flames closing in, finding the boys might mean confronting the painful memories of their short-lived relationship. Then, Allie’s dog goes missing, suddenly someone is shooting at them, and they find themselves in a race against a wildfire and a threat that wants them dead. More, when Allie goes missing, Dakota’s past—and his issues—come roaring back.

It’ll take the SWAT officer in him to save the day, but will it cost them a future they both long for?

Get ready to be swept away in a world where survival, redemption, and second chances collide in book three of the Chasing Fire: Montana series.

Roscoe by Laura Scott

Oath of Honor – To protect and serve!

Betrayed by love!

Tactical police officer Roscoe Turner is shocked when his former girlfriend Libby Hall shows up on his doorstep six months pregnant with his child. Bullets start to fly before they have a chance to talk. A killer has followed Libby to Wisconsin all the way from Texas and it’s up to Roscoe to keep her and their unborn child, safe.

Frightened and angry, Libby knows this mess is Roscoe’s fault. If he hadn’t lied to her, she wouldn’t be in a killer’s crosshairs. Yet as they dodge danger at every turn, Libby is forced to realize Roscoe is the only person standing between her and a painful death. Will they get a second chance at love?

Ranger Bravery by Lynn Shannon

The past haunts her…

Piper Jensen escaped her small-town, seeking a new life without the baggage of her childhood. Her only regret was breaking up with her first love through a hastily scrawled note. When tragedy strikes a decade later, she becomes the guardian of her sister’s children. Juggling her duties as a detective for the Rock Fort Police Department with sudden motherhood is a struggle. And then her life is threatened…

Texas Ranger Jackson Barker has never forgotten Piper. The tough-shelled teen he once loved has grown into a brave woman with a badge and a gun. When a young woman is murdered—and Piper’s life is endangered—Jackson becomes the lead investigator. He’d prefer to keep some distance from his former sweetheart, but she insists on working together, especially when a clue ties a member of Jackson’s family to the crime.

A subsequent assault confirms Piper’s suspicions. These aren’t random crimes. The murders are connected to a secret she’s kept for a decade…one she isn’t ready to face. But there may be no choice. The killer’s twisted obsession requires one ultimate trophy: Piper herself.

Shadow of Doubt by Susan Sleeman

A cyber-stalker and a murder threaten her life…
When IT specialist, Brooklyn Hurst’s cyber stalker grows bolder and the police refuse to do anything about it, she has to take drastic measures. Like fleeing the only home she’s known to a place so off the map that the stalker would never think to look. When she discovers, Colin Graham, a former FBI agent and now Shadow Lake Survival cyber expert, is looking for a live-in caregiver for his mother, she applies for the position and is hired via an online interview. She quietly packs up everything she can fit into her car and disappears in the middle of the night, ensuring that her stalker doesn’t follow her.

Will the danger draw the couple closer together or push them apart?
She fits in perfectly with Colin and his mother, but he’d never met a more jumpy and fearful woman in his life and is sure something is wrong. As they grow closer, he gains her trust, and she shares about her stalker. As if talking about her stalker conjures him up, he makes his appearance in Shadow Lake. Had Colin betrayed her? Done something stupid to bring danger to her doorstep again? Should she run again or could she trust Colin? Colin knows running isn’t the answer and promises to keep her safe. But can he do so while also protecting his heart from pain again?

Endangered Refuge by Sherri Wilson Johnson

**Each book in this low heat, second chance romantic suspense series is a standalone.

In the heart-pounding world of illegal animal trafficking, two agents risk it all for love and justice.

Undercover U.S. Fish and Wildlife Special Agents Dallas Heath and Elyse Bradford find themselves entangled in separate missions to take down the notorious kingpin of a big cat trading ring, Mitchell Avery. Unaware of each other’s involvement, they navigate the treacherous underworld alone, Dallas struggling to unearth vital evidence and Elyse fighting to maintain her cover as a wealthy buyer.

As the stakes rise and time runs out, an unexpected twist reunites the former partners, reigniting buried feelings. But with a mole lurking in the shadows, ready to sabotage their efforts, trust becomes a scarce commodity. Torn between duty and desire, Dallas and Elyse must confront their complicated past while racing to dismantle Avery’s empire before more innocent lives are lost.

In a world where the lines between friend and foe blur, will their love be the key to taking down Avery, or will it lead them into a deadly trap from which there is no escape?

Enjoy this friends first workplace romance along with the other books in the Jeopardized Reunions series!

The Baby and the Guardian by Danielle Grandinetti

A baby in danger, a man in turmoil, and a woman determined to save them both.

Wisconsin, 1929—When her best friend is murdered, Eira Mae Pryce gains guardianship over her friend’s baby. A baby in danger. Charged with the child’s protection, she must outrun a snowstorm, her grief, and a killer to seek refuge with the man who saved her life last Christmas.

All ex-sheriff Casper Yarwood wants for Christmas is to be left alone. With failure ringing in his ears, he retreated to his family’s cabin in the densely wooded portion of his former jurisdiction. But when his uncle’s secretary–and the woman he believes he failed–arrives on his doorstep with an endangered child, Casper cannot turn them away.

Casper and Eira Mae face impossible odds that require facing their pasts, sacrificing their futures, and ignoring their growing feelings for one another. But they’ll do so if it means they keep their charge alive long enough to experience his first Christmas.

One cabin in the Northwoods … a decade of Christmas miracles.

Into the Starlight by Amanda Cabot

After more than a year in Europe, Joanna Vaughn returns to Sweetwater Crossing, her dreams of becoming a concert pianist shattered. As if that weren’t enough, her husband, whom she married after a whirlwind courtship, has died. The only thing sustaining her on the journey back to Texas was the thought of her childhood home. But to Joanna’s dismay, she’s changed so much that the place she once loved no longer feels like home.
After his fiancée married his partner and both blamed him for a patient’s death, Dr. Burke Finley believes it’s time for a change. A quick trip with his almost-aunt Della Samuels to Sweetwater Crossing turns into an extended stay to discover what happened to his uncle and her would-be husband. But the beautiful and musical Joanna makes it more than bearable.
As the two join forces to help Della, there is no denying the attraction felt on both sides. But ghosts from the past are coming to call–and threatening to destroy any chance at happily-ever-after.
Get swept away by this emotional tale of family, friendship, and the kind of love that overcomes every obstacle.

A Matter of Honor by Laura Frantz

Having grown up at Wedderburn Castle in the serene Scottish Lowlands, Orin Hume is thrust into the dazzling realm of London society and Court circles as Poet Laureate of Britain. But at the height of his fame a former tragedy and his ties to a lass he once loved lead him home to Berwickshire again. When his return is further marred by lost love letters and scheming kin who conspire to keep the pair apart, can Lady Maryn Lockhart, now Duchess of Fordyce, forgive him? Or will the shadows of the past and the complexities of the present rewrite their love story?

Libby’s Lighthouse by Susan G Mathis

When a lighthouse keeper’s daughter finds a mysterious sailor with amnesia, the secrets she uncovers may change her life forever.

Elizabeth Montonna, daughter of the Tibbett’s Point Lighthouse keeper, thought she’d love the lighthouse life forever—until her mother, on her deathbed, reveals a long-buried secret. Now Elizabeth’s world has been turned upside down, making her question if she’ll ever truly belong and be loved. But when a dashing young sailor appears on her shore, wounded and disoriented, she finds purpose in helping him recover. Although the man knows nothing about his past or identity, his kindness and character steal a little more of her heart each day. If only she knew his full name.

When Owen awakes on the shore of Lake Ontario with no knowledge of who he is, or where he was headed when his ship wrecked, he has no choice but to accept the hospitality of the lighthouse keeper and his lovely daughter. But as Owen works to repay their kindness, and his relationship with Libby turns into something more, he knows their budding romance can go no further until he uncovers his past.

With each passing day, Owen inches closer to discovering the secrets of his identity, but will the revelations bring him closer to Libby or tear them apart forever?

The Wise Guy and the Star by Shannon McNear

Can a chance encounter be the connection they have always needed?

Charleston, South Carolina, to Kansas City, Missouri, 1919

After the end of the Great War, pastor’s daughter Stella Shepherd accompanies her aunt on a business trip by train and meets convalescing war veteran Nat Wise and his two older brothers. The three men are whimsically named after the gifts of the biblical wise men and dubbed “the Wise guys” by their cousins. They claim to be down-and-out soldiers recently returned from the front, but they’re surrounded by mystery.

Stella secretly carries the family Nativity to comfort her while away from family during Christmas. Nat quietly spends his spare time carving a set of wooden wise men to honor his own deceased mother. To him, Stella is the perfect church girl—darling, but unattainable because he’s done too much for God to forgive him.

Stella longs to help Nat find renewed faith in God, but could he be the answer to the wanderings of her own heart?

Until Our Time Comes by Nicole M. Miller

American horse trainer Adia Kensington is living her dream of working at the famous Janów Podlaski stables in Poland, where they breed the best Arabian horses in the world. But her plans to bring the priceless stallion Lubor to the US are derailed when the German army storms into her adopted country in 1939. Little does she know this is just the beginning of six long years of occupation that will threaten her beloved horses at every turn.
Bret Conway is at Janów Podlaski under the guise of a news reporter, but his true mission is intelligence gathering for the British. That and keeping Adia safe, which is harder and harder to do as she insists they must evacuate 250 horses to save them from being stolen, sold, or eaten by the invading forces. What follows will test their physical, mental, and emotional strength, as well as their faith in God, humankind, and each other.
Drawn from true events of World War II, this epic story of escape, capture, resistance, and love from debut novelist Nicole M. Miller will thunder into your heart like a herd of beautiful horses across a raging river.

Heart of Honor by Patience O’Brien

A teacher is in danger of losing her heart and future to a man who holds a painful secret.

When Beth Pruitt becomes a teacher, she achieves her dream for her future–until she discovers she is bound by old-fashioned contract rules that require her to remain single during her teaching career. While Thomas Gabriel, a ruthless business tycoon lives in silent misery over a family secret…Beth follows the most important lesson plan of her life.

She hopes to save an orphanage but is forced to choose between her work and revealing Thomas Gabriel’s heart-breaking secret and losing his love.

A Choice Considered by Tracie Peterson

Love has a way of derailing even the most carefully laid plans.

Melody Doyle has spent years following her father across the country as the transcontinental railroad is built. When she announces her desire to settle down in Cheyenne, her father presents her with an unconventional challenge: he will allow her to stay if she finds a husband before his departure. As word spreads and the men in town vie for her hand, she wonders if she could ever be happy with a husband chosen in such a way.

Charles Decker, heir to a banking dynasty, has been sent west by his father to manage their family’s new bank. His heart yearns for a simple life of teaching, but banking is the family business, and Charlie feels obligated to fall in line. When his friendship with Melody blossoms, he’s drawn to this remarkable woman who defies conventions. Will he be able to come to terms with his growing feelings for her and confront the true desires of his own heart before it’s too late?

The Highlander’s Charity by Z. Peabody

The Laird of BlackHaven is one of Scotland’s fiercest and bravest warriors. Teagan lives for God, his clan, and his country, in that order. When an opportunity arose for Teagan and his clan folk to journey across an ocean and a sea to the country of Tad, a country along the Red Sea, to establish a merchant way for his clan and country, Teagan did not hesitate.

While waiting for his audience with the ever-reclusive King of Tad, Teagan tries to enjoy the beauty of this exotic country. Browsing the markets one day, Teagan is come upon by a young thief. When he chases the thief down, Teagan is in for the surprise of his life.

“She stole mi heart, and I dinnae want it back.”

Princess Uhisani or Sani, as her family calls her, loves nothing better than to sit in her father’s council meetings, deciding the prosperous future of her people. Tending to the needs of her people is one work that gives Sani great joy. After all, her name means Charity.

When a tall, handsome Scottish Laird boldly walks into her father’s council room with an offer that she can’t refuse, Sani knows right then and there that her destiny is tied to this Scottish Laird.

From the halls of the royal palace of Oge-chukwukama, to the lush oasis of Shushara, Sani and Teagan will travel the golden dunes to their destinies together.

War’s Unexpected Gift by Linda Shenton Matchett

Love and war don’t mix. Or do they?

Eager to do even more for the war effort, nurse Gwen Milford puts in for a transfer from a convalescent hospital outside of London to an evac hospital headed across Europe. Leap-frogging from one location to the next, nothing goes as expected from stolen supplies to overwhelming numbers of casualties. Then, there’s the handsome doctor who seems to be assigned to her every shift. As another Christmas approaches without the war’s end, can she find room in her heart for love?

Muldoon’s Misfortunes by E.V. Sparrow

A cursed widower forsakes his faith to ensure his hope.

On a verdant island beset by poverty and death, Mick Muldoon dares to escape his misfortunes. Is working a farm and raising a family such an impossible thing to ask? Wasn’t God supposed to answer prayers—not turn a deaf ear?

After surviving the treacherous voyage to America, Mick discovers the rumors of ample opportunity aren’t exactly true. His defective body hampers employment and keeps him dependent upon his peculiar sister. However, an unexpected invitation to move to the heartland guarantees his dreams.

Mick’s own dreadful choices hamper his hopes when he accepts work as a widow’s farmhand. Unbeknownst to him, there’s deception afoot. Mick’s inattention to love causes catastrophe as single fatherhood cruelly shatters his family. Will God miraculously hear his prayers this time?

In Book 1 of Those Resilient Muldoons series, this misguided, wayward widower encounters God’s unexpected presence.

Meeting Her Match by Jen Turano

Miss Camilla Pierpont, a renowned matchmaker and influential member of the New York Four Hundred, has vowed never to marry after suffering a devastating heartbreak during her debut years ago. However, when she is nearly abducted along the Hudson River, she finds herself rescued by an annoyingly outspoken, albeit fascinating, gentleman who challenges her in a manner she wasn’t expecting.

After learning that Camilla Pierpont has enjoyed success with taking wayward young ladies in hand, Mr. Owen Chesterfield travels to the Hudson River Valley determined to convince Camilla to sponsor his sister, who is in desperate need of social rehabilitation.

Knowing her life is in danger, Camilla agrees to Owen’s proposition and travels with him to West Virginia, finding herself charmed by the less-than-formal attitude of his small hometown, as well as by Owen himself. But danger waits in the shadows, disrupting what she knows would be the most spectacular match she’s ever made–her own.

Three Dog Knight by Johnnie Alexander

Three Dog Night is book # 4 in the Mysteries of Cobble Hill Farm fiction series. An invitation to speak at a prominent women’s group luncheon prompts Harriet Bailey to reflect on her move to Yorkshire, which makes her miss her family back in the States. Luckily, her aunt Jinny suggests the perfect distraction: attending the village’s much-anticipated antiques appraisal festival.

When Ivy, the woman in charge of the event, is found in a nearby cave with no memory of how she got there, she claims to have been confronted by a medieval knight from local legend! Harriet knows this is impossible and is determined to find out what really happened.

As Harriet searches for the mysterious knight’s impersonator, more incidents occur, including the theft of a valuable statue and apparent pranks against local businesses. Can Harriet find the culprit before things escalate to a dangerous level?

Matters of the Heart by Kelly Irvin

He’s the community’s jokester auctioneer. She’s the serious caregiver for her siblings who also works at the local plant nursery. What future could they have together?

Declan Miller has always had feelings for Bethel King. Back when they were in school, she was the smartest girl in the class and, in his opinion, by far the prettiest. Now the two of them are in their twenties and while the attraction is still there, Declan is as hesitant as ever to let Bethel know how he feels. His corny jokes and wisecracks cover a heart that’s afraid of rejection.

Bethel can’t deny Declan is nice, funny, hardworking, and pleasing to the eye–a perfect match if you asked any Plain girl in the area. But marrying Bethel would also mean marrying into her family. Two of her younger brothers have a rare form of muscular dystrophy, and her sister Claire is now showing signs of having it as well. Fiercely loyal and nurturing, Bethel has promised herself her siblings will always come first. With a good chance that she carries the gene and could pass it on to her children, Bethel has tried to convince herself marriage and family just aren’t in the cards for her.

When a devastating diagnosis of his own turns Declan’s world upside down, he looks to Bethel for understanding, compassion, and a realistic outlook. As they share their dreams and fears and grow together in faith, a bond begins to develop between them. Perhaps their combination of optimistic extrovert and thoughtful introvert really isn’t such a bad thing–perhaps it’s actually a part of God’s beautiful design.

The End Begins by Sara Davison

Which of them is the prisoner and which one is free?

Bookstore owner Meryn O’Reilly and Army Captain Jesse Christensen are on opposite sides of a battle. After a series of terrorist attacks in 2053, martial law has been declared in Canada and the military has taken over. When a radical Christian group claims responsibility, Jesse and his platoon are sent to Meryn’s city to keep an eye on the Christians and ensure they are not stepping outside the confines of the law.

Fiery and quick-tempered, Meryn chafes under the curfew and other restrictions to her freedom. Jesse is equally amused, intrigued, and terrified by her spirit, knowing she could end up in prison if she shows defiance to the wrong soldier, namely Lieutenant Gallagher.

Jesse watches out for Meryn when possible, although she wants nothing to do with him. His worst fears are realized when she commits a crime he cannot protect her from. Now they both face an uncertain future and the very real threat of losing everything, including their lives.

With time running out, Jesse works feverishly to convince the authorities to show leniency—and to convince Meryn that love can overcome any barrier that lies between them.

The Root of the Matter: The American Puritans by Lynne Tagawa

She’s terrified.

Time travel. The North Atlantic in winter. Which is worse?

Geneva Fielding is a researcher in the Archives of the Applied History department, prepping time travelers for their destinations. She loves the smell of old paper and chocolate croissants.

One day, a Traveler fails an important test and cannot go. Instead of canceling the Trip, the dean appoints Geneva and her friend Peter Donatelli, a physicist, to take his place. They have three days to prepare to Travel to 1630s New England.

Geneva’s always wanted to know more about John Winthrop. Maybe she can even get a dissertation topic from the Trip. But the truth is, she’s scared stiff. No one knows her private struggles. And she’s not about to tell.

Geneva and Peter are dumped into an early, struggling Massachusetts, the Puritan inhabitants having escaped the persecution of the Crown only to face a howling wilderness. Roger Williams’s arrival sends shockwaves through the frail colony.

The Nightmare Virus by Nadine Brandes

Some viruses go after the body. But the Nightmare Virus goes after the mind.

When dream technology goes wrong, a virus spreads across the globe, trapping people in a universal dreamscape. They call it the Nightmare Virus.

Cain Cross is determined to find a cure . . . if he can decipher his brother’s chicken-scratch formula notes. But when he gets infected, he has only 22 days until he’s trapped in the mental prison forever. Now, every time he falls asleep, he must fight in a Nightmare Arena until he earns his freedom to live in the “new world” that exists only in the mind.

Then he finds a way to manipulate the Nightmare—to change it by mere thought.

Forced to navigate a world of nightbeasts, mistblades, and half-truths, Cain turns his focus to survival. When the Emperor offers him a LifeSuPod—and access to a cure—in exchange for a dangerous favor, Cain thinks he’s found a way out. But Cain’s new power threatens to take him on paths that jeopardize his very soul.

Will he continue searching for a cure, or will he swear allegiance to the Nightmare? And the bigger question might be . . . will he even have a choice?

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