Book Recommendation – Amnesia on Nantucket by Taryn Daniels

Book Description:

When Melanie suffers an accident on her honeymoon and wakes up with amnesia, the last thing she expects is to find a hunky man in her bed. A man who swears is her husband, but she’s not buying it. Armed with pepper spray and a kitchen knife, Melanie sets out across Nantucket, escaping her imposter husband and trying to find her way home.  

Adam has no idea what he’s going to do. He can’t leave Melanie to wander alone, and even if she doesn’t remember that she loves him, he promises to stand by her side. Through a series of hilarious mishaps and amnesia-induced adventures, Melanie and Adam stumble their way toward falling in love …for the second time. Maybe this time, Melanie won’t forget.

Narelle’s Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading Amnesia on Nantucket and loved the romcom story premise. Melanie and Adam are on the third day of their Nantucket honeymoon, and Melanie decides to try parasailing for the first time. She’s involved in an accident and ends up with a nasty concussion combined with amnesia.

Melanie wakes up in the hospital and doesn’t know she has lost five years of her memory. She doesn’t recognise her Australian husband, Adam, and she is convinced he has kidnapped her!

Adam is an adorable hero. He’s very patient with Melanie who’s insecure about a whole bunch of things. Her temporary amnesia diagnosis tests their relationship, and Melanie has to learn to fall in love with Adam all over again.

The fun cast of side characters add to the many hilarious and LOL moments in the story. The scene with Melanie wearing a particular pair of shorts was a standout and so funny.

I recommend Amnesia on Nantucket to contemporary romance readers who like sweet clean romcoms that include a married couple romance combined with the amnesia trope. The novella is connected to Taryn’s Cousins in Nantucket series.

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