ACRBA Tour From Eden with Love by Ray Hawkins

17 – 21 February 2014

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From Eden with Love 

Even Before Publishing


Ray Hawkins

About the Book

Be taken on a tour of the Majesty of Marriage through 31 days of ‘From Eden with Love.’

Discover the Heavenly mystery underpinning the meaning of the Christian Marriage.

About the Author

Ray Hawkins, retired after over 40 years as a Churches of Christ minister, enjoys sharing themes from the Scriptures through Devotional writing. Married to Mary, multi-published inspirational romance author, they have three children and five grandchildren. Ray shares his insights in his first two books on Marriage and Children with more ideas to come about ministry and much more. Living in Beauty Point Tasmania Ray heads up a new Christian Fellowship as well as doing relief preaching, community work and writing.

Narelle: From Eden With Love is another excellent devotion book by Ray Hawkins in his 31 Biblical Devotions series. This book explores the meaning of love and marriage from a Biblical perspective. Each devotion starts with a key verse, which is discussed with references to other Biblical passages and verses, and has a reflection section at the end.

The first devotion starts in Genesis, with Adam and Eve and the Biblical symbolism of marriage. Devotion topics include The Noble Woman (Proverbs 31), The Noble Man (1 Timothy 3) and practical examples from the Bible. The devotions define and explain why God is at the heart of Christian romance and marriage. I highly recommend this devotion book to those looking to learn more about what the Bible says about love and marriage, and gain practical tips for their own marraige and relationship with God.

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  1. Thank you for your review of the book ‘From Eden with Love.’ I always appreciate the way in which people such as yourself see facets of the subject which appeal to them. As you pointed out the Biblical symbolism undergirding and enriching Christian marriage is the key to understanding and enjoying it. Thanks Narelle. Ray

  2. I know just how privileged Ray and I are to share a richly blessed marriage. As he says in this book, we too have had to work at our marriage. We are now only several months from our 50th wedding anniversary but still have to be very aware of each other’s needs. I have proved that so many times when I’m out of fellowship with Ray it is those times I’ve been neglecting my times of intimacy with the Lord through prayer and reading the scriptures.

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