Heartsong Presents February New Releases

My fifth fiction book release with Harlequin’s Love Inspired Heartsong Presents line, Winning Over the Heiress, releases next week on February 3. Today I’m posting information on all the new Heartsong Presents releases for February.

Winning Over the Heiress cover


His new boss, Julia Radcliffe, isn’t so sure. A year ago, Sean walked out on his brother’s wedding—and her. Now the bad boy with the surfer good looks is back and determined to make a new life with Julia. She wonders whether she can truly trust that he’s a changed man.

It took time and faith, but Sean is finally on the right path. And his feelings for Julia have only grown stronger. But when Sean’s past threatens to jeopardize their future, can he convince Julia they both want the same thing—a love that can overcome every mistake?

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Capturing the Ministers Heart


As an attorney and a senator’s daughter, Abby is used to seeing her dreams fulfilled. But there’s one exception: handsome single pastor Jeremy Walker. Abby longs for Jeremy to see her as more than a friend and member of the congregation, but every time they get close, he pulls away.

Keeping a low profile is a matter of life-and-death for Jeremy. Though he’s drawn to Abby, she lives in the limelight he’s desperate to avoid. Abby deserves a man who can give her the world, not one who has to hide from it. Can she convince Jeremy that the only attention she wants is his?

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Viking Bride


A master swordswoman whose brush with death made her turn to the Christian faith, Mist isn’t expecting much from the Norseman chosen to be her husband. Until Valdyr Svensson appears, his eyes as blue as the sea and his powerful bearing a reminder of the life she left behind.

Valdyr doesn’t know what to make of his fiery Icelandic bride-to-be. Mist refuses to be enthralled by him. But despite their differences, he’s intrigued by her resilient spirit and flashing green eyes. Can this arrangement between two families turn into a lot more…maybe even a match for the ages?

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Lone Star Ranger


And she has one week to prove that her brother isn’t the cold-blooded killer Texas Ranger Rett Smith accuses him of being. She’ll show the handsome lawman he’s wrong, even if it means embarking on a perilous race across Texas to catch the real culprit.

Rett doesn’t want to see an innocent man hang. But he can’t let the Boston beauty take the law into her own hands. When she follows him into treacherous territory, the lawman vows to keep Elizabeth safe. But who will protect him from the woman whose courage and conviction have him questioning everything—even his heart?

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Winning Over the Heiress Online Book Launch plus Book Giveaway!

I’m excited to announce that Winning Over the Heiress releases on Sunday in ebook format, and on Tuesday, February 3, in print. To celebrate the launch of my fifth novel, and the second book in my Sydney series, I’m going to be visiting a few blogs and offering print book giveaways (worldwide, to anywhere The Book Depository will deliver).

Winning Over the Heiress cover

Next week on Tuesday, February 3, I’ll be giving away a print copy (worldwide) of Winning Over the Heiress right here on my blog. Please stop by on Tuesday to enter the drawing.


My Book Launch Schedule:

February 2 (USA time): Inspy Romance blog (worldwide print book giveaway)


February 4: Australasian Christian Writers (worldwide print giveaway)


February 9-11 (USA time): Goodreads Author Q&A on Love Inspired Heartsong Presents Group


February 11 (USA time): International Christian Fiction Writers (worldwide print giveaway)


February 16 (USA time): Interview on Trish Perry’s blog (worldwide print giveaway)


Additional book giveaways:

February 1-28: Goodreads giveaway. One print copy of Winning Over the Heiress (US, CA, UK, AU, NZ)

Closes January 28 (NZ time): Soul Inspirationz category romance giveaway, 1 print book, worldwide.

The lovely Ellie Whyte organises a monthly promotion of the Love Inspired range of books on Soul Inspirationz. Winning Over the Heiress is included in her February New Releases promotion and Rafflecopter giveaway.


I hope you’ll join me in celebrating the release of Winning Over the Heiress. And, good luck if you enter the book giveaways!

Friday Weekend Escape to Adelaide: The River Torrens

We’re returning to Adelaide in South Australia and escaping for the weekend to the River Torrens. The river flows from the Adelaide Hills on the eastern side of Adelaide, through the city to empty into Gulf St Vincent.

2014_April_Adelaide_trip_Koorong 013

The Riverside Precinct of the River Torrens is in the heart of the city and close to amenities, including the Adelaide Oval.

2014_April_Adelaide_trip_Koorong 055

The footbridge in central Adelaide is home to the romantic Love Padlocks. Couples can fix a padlock to the bridge railing. They can include their initials, names, date and a message on the padlock before tossing the key into the river.

2014_April_Adelaide_trip_Koorong 043

Popeye recreational boats cruise along the river and under the City Arch Bridge of King William Road to Adelaide Zoo. It’s lovely to walk along the river bank and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

2014_April_Adelaide_trip_Koorong 046

My last visit to Adelaide holds special memories because I saw my debut book, Falling for the Farmer, for the first time on the shelf of a book store in Adelaide.

2014_April_Adelaide_trip_Koorong 069

I hope you’ve enjoyed our weekend escapes to Adelaide. Next week we’re returning to Sydney, Australia, and the setting for Winning Over the Heiress, my February 2015 release. Have a great weekend and Happy Australia Day!

Friday Weekend Escape to Adelaide, Australia: The City of Churches

This week I’ve celebrated my wedding anniversary. It only seemed fitting that I continue the wedding theme and we return to Adelaide in South Australia, also known as the city of churches.

2014_April_Adelaide_trip_Koorong 012

River Torrens in Adelaide, South Australia

Our first stop is St. Peters Anglican Cathedral in the heart of Adelaide. I love visiting old churches and cathedrals. There’s something about the quiet and peace in the ornate sanctuaries that brings a reflective smile to my lips.

2014_April_Adelaide_trip_Koorong 039

The architecture is magnificent and the sheer size of the building is hard to capture in a single photo.

2014_April_Adelaide_trip_Koorong 034

2014_April_Adelaide_trip_Koorong 036

Our next stop is The Cathedral Church of St Francis Xavier, also in the Adelaide city precinct.

2014_April_Adelaide_trip_Koorong 063

Another majestic building that’s hard to capture in one photo.

2014_April_Adelaide_trip_Koorong 064

 I hope you’ve enjoyed our visit to the cathedrals. Next Friday we’re going to take a stroll along the River Torrens. Have a great weekend!

Friday Weekend Escape to Adelaide, Australia: The Historic Adelaide Oval

It’s our first Friday Weekend Escape for 2015, and this weekend we’re escaping to the picturesque city of Adelaide in South Australia.

2014_April_Adelaide_trip_Koorong 005

Our first stop is the historic Adelaide Oval, located on the River Torrens in the city.


My husband and I spent the day with my reader friend, Jenny, and she played tour guide by showing us around her home city.

2014_April_Adelaide_trip_Koorong 021

Adelaide Oval is the home of cricket in the summer and AFL during the winter months.

 2014_April_Adelaide_trip_Koorong 022

It’s summer in Australia and the Adelaide Oval is on my travel wish list to visit during the cricket season. The photos  above were taken last year during the AFL football season.


Hubby and I are looking up at the Sir Donald Bradman Pavillion. Don Bradman was a legendary Aussie cricketer and we visited The Bradman Collection at the Adelaide Oval. Originally from New South Wales (NSW), Don Bradman played the latter part of his cricketing career for South Australia. We’ve also visited the International Cricket Hall of Fame (previously known as the Bradman Museum) in Bowral, NSW, in Don Bradman’s home town.

2014_April_Adelaide_trip_Koorong 026

 I hope you’ve enjoyed our visit to the Adelaide Oval. Next Friday we’re going to see a couple of cathedrals and discover why Adelaide is known as being a ‘city of churches’. Have a great weekend!

Heartsong Presents January New Releases

My fourth fiction book release with Harlequin’s Love Inspired Heartsong Presents line, Her Tycoon Hero, released in November. Today I’m posting information on all the new Heartsong Presents releases for January.

Four Heartsong Presents books are released each month under the Love Inspired brand: two contemporary inspirational romances and two historical inspirational romances. The Love Inspired range of books include contemporary romance (Love Inspired), historical romance (Love Inspired Historical) and romantic suspense (Love Inspired Suspense).

North American readers can purchase books from the Harlequin Reader Service. International readers outside the USA and Canada can purchase the print books online from Amazon and The Book Depository (free international shipping). If you’re looking for inspirational (Christian) romances to read, please check out the Heartsong Presents and Love Inspired books.

A Match for Meghan


The veterinary assistant never backs down from a dare…and what greater challenge than finding die-hard bachelor Ben Young his ideal mate? But what’s an incurable cupid to do when the handsome vet turns the tables and asks her out?

Ben is perfectly content with his single life. And he figures there’s only one way to get the petite dynamo to quit her matchmaking—date her himself! But his plan backfires when he realizes that Meghan could be The One. Can he convince a woman who believes in happy endings for everyone but herself that he’s her Mr. Right?

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Rodeo Family


She’s beginning a new chapter in Aubrey, Texas, away from her abusive ex-boyfriend. As she picks up the pieces of her broken life, Tori’s surprised at the helping hand the church’s new song director, Brant McConnell, offers her, and at the warm emotions he inspires.

Brant is drawn to Tori. And as their friendship grows, so do his feelings for her. But Tori is still hounded by her past, and the walls she’s built around her heart are high. Can he convince the wounded beauty that he’s exactly the kind of man she needs—and deserves?

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The Unscripted Courtship


Pressured into staging her play for the genteel residents of Tuxedo Park, college student Julia resigns herself to mingling with the upper crust. But she never imagined she’d have to protect herself from danger lurking in the production. Or that she’d have to join forces with wealthy heartthrob Robert Malcolm to do so.

Even though they’re from different worlds, Robbie’s captivated by the feisty young playwright—and he won’t see her hurt. Together they work to discover who’s out to get Julia. But as their love grows, will they be able to overcome their different social standings before the curtain falls on their romance?

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The Lady's Rescuer


But Englishwoman Olivia Madison’s no damsel in distress. A woman on a mission, she intrigues Jake with her feistiness and determination—even as her stubbornness causes rifts between his tight-knit brotherhood of seamen. But just what is in her precious cargo?

Olivia must sell her shipload of antiques to free her brother from an English debtor’s prison. But when her long journey ends in tragedy on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, she has nowhere to turn—except to the rugged man who fished her from the cold Atlantic. Can she prove that her purposes are honorable…and find true love with her rescuer?

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