Friday Weekend Escape to Hungary – Beautiful Budapest (Winter)

 by Marion Ueckermann How good it’s been to be in Budapest again these past five days and to show my husband, Noel, the sights of this beautiful city. A city of lights, of statues, of amazing architecture, of incredible interiors, of history, of culture, of tempting aromas, and of fun. Truly a fascinating city offering […]

Friday Weekend Escape to Hungary – Beautiful Budapest (Summer)

By Marion Ueckermann For weeks I’ve been singing the Budapest song by George Ezra. My heart’s in Budapest…na, na, a doobie doo. The first two lines were all I knew for quite some time (and I’ve discovered incorrectly too). The closer today has come, the more I’ve learnt of the song. Heart is actually house, […]

Friday Weekend Escape to Pokhara, Nepal with Melissa Gijsbers

Today we’re escaping for the weekend with my Aussie author friend, Melissa Gijsbers, to Nepal. Melissa is sharing her memories of Pokhara, where she lived for a few years when she was younger. Enjoy! ~~~~~ I haven’t been there for nearly 30 years, but join me on an escape to Pokhara in Nepal. I would […]